Traveling around the campground, at the lake, or just around the neighborhood? 

Danversport Marine’s Bintelli Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) can take you and your family on your next adventure. Discover the fun of exploring through everyday trips around the neighborhood or on other exciting adventures!

Choose from a variety of colors, 4 or 6-passenger capacity, features, and regular or lifted ground clearance. Our electric-powered LSVs have a 30-40 mile battery range and even higher should you choose the lithium battery option. 

Have peace of mind with road safety features such as three-point seat belts, hydraulic disc brakes, and LED head/tail lights. Customize your LSV with accessories such as a Bluetooth Sound System, rear flip seats, and a choice of style options.

Low-Speed Vehicle Advantages 

In addition to being a fun vehicle to own and drive, electric low-speed vehicles make a great investment for your family. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider investing in an LSV from Danversport. 

  • Eco-friendly for short drives and daily activities that produce zero emissions on each trip
  • Cost-effective and affordable alternative to gas-powered vehicles 
  • LSVs are low-maintenance and affordable
  • Highly versatile for on or off-road travel in the neighborhood or in the woods
  • An exceptionally fun way to drive and travel
  • Customizable with fun features 

With prices starting at ____, try our line of LSVs and get started on your next adventure.