Trade-In and Trade-Up At Danversport Marina

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At Danversport Marina, we’re looking to build on our already strong used boat inventory. That’s why we’re offering a Trade-In & Trade-Up program that includes a free boat trade valuation, and offering industry leading value for those vessels. Whether you are looking for more technology, larger size, or better performance, trade your used boat in and upgrade today!

Danversport Marina is committed to ensuring you receive maximum value for your used boat, which is why there is no obligation attached to these free valuations. Our team of marine experts at Danversport Marina is confident that the Trade-In and Trade-Up program will land you in the perfect boat, at the perfect value. 

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FAQs About Trading In Your Boat


Is the Valuation Really Free?

Absolutely. Once you have a firm understanding of the value of your boat, the decision will be yours regarding what to do next. 

What are the benefits of trading in my boat instead of selling myself?

The used boat market is in high demand and we can give you top dollars for your trade towards the purchase of a new boat. No need to go back and forth with non-serious buyers, allotting time for showing the boat, or finding a cash buyer.

What documentation do I need to have to trade my boat in?

Have your title and any other relevant documentation ready if you plan on trading in your boat. Being prepared with this paperwork eliminates the last minute search and stress to find these documents.

Why Should I Trade-in and Trade-up at Danversport Marina? 

If your goal is to maximize on the value of your used boat in order to save time and money, there is no more efficient and effective way to do it than with Danversport Marina. Our marine experts are committed to getting you industry leading value for your vessel and getting you into a new one, without all the hassle.